I am strange!

A very nice day. In the morning about seven o´clock I waked up by the sound of blowing wind in the trees in front of my room. So i have had anough time to think about everyone and everything.

This minutes or hours in the morning, are things, that make me love my life.

And because of that things i love my life:

1. The special minutes in the morning.

2. Listen to radio dramas.

3. Read a good book.

4. Fridays - football and Jg.

5. Special people.

6. Hope & Love.

7. Listen to music with sense.

8. Daydreaming.

9. Icecream.

10. Go to cinema with my class.

11. Make plans.

12. Fun, Fun, Fun.

13. I am what I am: A dirty, lucky child.

14. People who know that and accept me.

Thanks to my friends. Specially to FC Zebra, and the great people in my class.

12.5.07 21:51

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